Question: What do you do when a taxpayer doesn’t file their Business Personal Property tax listing?


Answer: Use CAVS

Tax Management Associates’ Cost Analysis Valuation System (CAVS) is an online valuation guide that provides thousands of personal property items represented in hundreds of documented businesses. This product allows you to move away from arbitrary and capricious valuations to establish both fair and defensible values using cost data.

TMA designed CAVS to be an easily accessible, dynamic solution. It relies on line by line items of cost data to assist the assessor in arriving at reliable valuations for smaller businesses. Each business type within the CAVS system is capable of customization including: adding or removing items of cost, modifying costs within line items, adjusting the total figure up or down by set percentages and pre-selecting specific ranges according to quality or size.

CAVS has recently been updated to better serve its users. Visit to see what our newest version of CAVS looks like. 


  • Your solution for non-filers
  • Access and edit reliable data for your customized use
  • Store and print estimation to mail to taxpayers






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