TMA is here to help you analyze your data. KNIME is a free open-source data analytics tool revolutionizing the way governments work with data. 

It has the unique ability to consolidate information from various sources, create routines for matching, and analyzing data.

Essentially, it’s Microsoft Excel on steroids. KNIME is utilized to access data in any format (websites, excel spreadsheets, databases, etc.) and sorts the information in a manner that is useful to you. It can generate regular reports customized to fit your needs.

KNIME handles live database connections just as well as it handles excel documents. If you want to run a report comparing motor vehicle records and property owner names you can. All you need are your two lists connected through KNIME and in a few moments you will have a list of property owners who have cars. This allows you to keep your data, while we provide the tools for you to analyze it in the easiest way possible.


• Utilize any accessible data source

• Customize data graphics on plots, tables, etc.

• Connect separate data to utilize for your jurisdiction

• Easily create real-time reports for management or consumers