CAVS (Cost Analysis Valuation System) is an online valuation guide that provides thousands of personal property items represented in hundreds of documented businesses. This product allows you to move away from arbitrary and capricious valuations to establish both fair and defensible values using cost data.


It has the unique ability to consolidate information from various sources, create routines for matching, and analyzing data.  KNIME is utilized to access data in any format (websites, excel spreadsheets, databases, etc.) and sorts the information in a manner that is useful to you. It can generate regular reports customized to fit your needs


Informer provides real-time updates, statistics, and detailed information for each service provided to your jurisdiction including Discovery, CAVS, Taxscribe, Audit, Outsourcing, and Homestead services.  The portal allows clients to view when an audit is being performed, by whom, the number of completed audits, and the discovered value of the completed audit.


Taxscribe is an online listing service providing taxpayers with an electronic means of filing for personal property taxes. Benefiting taxpayers and assessing officers alike, the customized form eliminates illegible and incorrect figures, unsigned documents, and paper waste.