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The Audit Report is designed to provide a snapshot of equity solutions to state and local government and an inside look at the people behind the process.

Spring   Issue 63


Everyone knows that the outbreak of Covid-19 was rough, and just like the yearly seasonal flu, it is probably here to stay. We also remember the hardships of our first response to the virus; stay away from others, mask up, stay home from school, and more personally for me, stay away from the office. I never did. There were many reasons for that decision. First, TMA qualified under all of the appropriate categories for a necessary ongoing business, important to the support and welfare of our industry. Second, it just didn’t feel right to leave the ship rudderless. However, after four long years of Covid and post-Covid, we are seeing effects across the board on business practices and the way in which we interact with others. (To continue reading please click on the Audit Report Magazine to view)

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