Today, 70% of our business relates to Business Personal Property Ad Valorem Taxation.  

TMA is the largest and most experienced business of its kind with accounting experts performing the most comprehensive audits in the marketplace today. Celebrating 40 years of success, we are here to handle all of your Business Personal Property audit needs. Our auditing services provide detailed comprehensive cost reconciliations on personal property returns filed with local jurisdictions. TMA auditors are trained to perform audits on small proprietorships to billion-dollar manufacturing corporations.


As the legalization of marijuana becomes more widespread throughout the United States, TMA is conducting audits of marijuana facilities to validate that they are filing and reporting correctly.


Many taxpayers are facing confusion about the taxability and appraisal methodology application as it relates to the emerging marijuana industry. TMA has worked to educate these taxpayers on Business Personal Property, how to file returns, and when to ensure they are receiving appropriate exemptions where eligible.


We manage every aspect of an audit program from contacting taxpayers and preparing correspondence letters, forms, and notices to performing as an expert witness for any appeals process. 

  • Over 265,000 personal property audits performed
  • $60 billion in additional tax value discovered
  • $1 billion in tax revenue returned to clients