About us

For more than 40 years, Tax Management Associates, Inc. (TMA) has been in the business of assisting state and local taxing officials in their day to day duties of administering ad valorem taxation.
Founded in 1979, Tax Management Associates, Inc. (TMA) is the leader in assisting state and local governments with their revenue enhancement initiatives. With our expert staff and multiple national offices, TMA’s mission is to be the best through, “Quality by Design.”  We achieve this mission by integrating experts, cutting edge technology, and a deep knowledge of our practice areas.


TMA is best known for its audit services, having started the concept of private auditing for local government when its Business Personal Property Audit Division was founded in 1987.  TMA brings a wealth of experience from working with clients all over the country. Our auditors are experts in the field, having completed over 285,000 business personal property audits and discovering over $65 billion in taxable value – translating to over $1 billion in additional revenue for our clients.

Beyond Audit

Over the last four decades, we have listened to our clients’ growing needs and developed a line of services to address meet their requests. No longer simply an auditing firm, TMA now offers our clients an entire line of ad valorem tax solutions including: