Taxpayers can claim an exemption for their primary residence to receive a reduced property tax bill. Taxpayers sometimes claim this exemption for multiple properties. That constitutes dishonesty and it’s illegal.

TMA has partnered with LexisNexis® to verify Homestead Exemptions and bring lost property tax revenue back into your jurisdiction.

Here’s how it works:  Using a list of exempt properties in your jurisdiction, TMA references LexisNexis® data to determine ownership and occupancy. TMA’s trained staff contacts residents to verify their information and returns the findings to you. TMA also has the ability to assist your staff with processing the returned information in your revenue management system, so that your jurisdiction can focus on billing and collections.


  • Located more than $300 million in new revenue
  • Performed over 40 projects in 6 states
  • Homestead can track properties across city, county, and state lines