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For the past 40 years, Tax Management Associates, Inc. (TMA) has been in the business of assisting state and local taxing officials in their day to day duties of administering ad valorem taxation. Founded in 1979, TMA is the leader in assisting state and local governments with their revenue enhancement initiatives. With over 160 employees and multiple national offices, TMA’s mission is to be the best through, “Quality by Design.” We achieve this mission by integrating experts, cutting edge technology, and a deep knowledge of our practice areas.
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Services and Products

Revenue Enhancement Services
  • Audit

    Performed more BPP audits than any other company in the nation

  • Informer

    Real-time updates, statistics and detailed information for each service

  • Homestead

    Combat fraud and abuse through verifying homestead exemptions

  • CAVS

    Online valuation guide for estimating non-filers

  • Special Projects

    Customized solutions to a variety of taxation problems

  • Administrative Support Services

    Supplement your local tax office with our experienced professionals


    Navigate complex data that only an open platform can bring

  • Discovery

    Increase fairness and equity in your jurisdiction

  • Taxscribe

    File business personal property taxes online

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